Ameet Deshmukh

Cinematographer and Video Editor

What is the best part of filming/photographing weddings for you?

To be able to capture and enjoy the moments all at once, both while shooting and editing.

If not a cinematographer/photographer, what would you likely be?

A storyteller for sure as that's what I enjoy the most

 What event in your life will make a good movie

Maybe my life as it is.

Do you like to see the world in black and white or colour and why?

Colour for sure. In my perspective, life is all about colour.

What made you hold the camera and click that shot for the very first time

Storytelling is what I am passionate about and what better way to narrate a story than cinematography.

What is your favourite ceremony/function in a wedding that you enjoy clicking

Two actually - Sangeet and Catholic Receptions. Two events were people let loose and groove